From a single source:

Accessories for Cleaning & Polishing

We supply everything you need for Cleaning and Polishing: the technical devices as well as the suitable accessories. Get all your carbon fibre brushes, electrolytes and other equipment out of a single source.  This means you can be sure that everything will work perfectly.

Carbon fibre brush

The quality makes the difference

Electrochemical cleaning with carbon fibres – who invented this?
Correct: Reuter!

We have been producing this innovative solution at our site in Erkrath since 2012. We have also invented the sliding sleeves made of Teflon. Numerous utility models and patents secure our advantage over our competitors.

We ensure the use of high-quality materials and careful processing during production. This is the only way to achieve permanent acid resistance, rugged durability and maximum performance. It is the reason why up to 1.5 million carbon fibres fit the work piece so snugly.

The new Performance Brush

That’s how innovation works!

The new AutoFeed

The first automatic electrolyte supply system

Surface cleaner

For cleaning, rust removal and passivating of large surfaces

For the SuperCleanox VI HD only

Electrolytes for cleaning & polishing

Food safe – without poisonous pickling chemicals

Surface finishing treatment

Cleaner and care products for your metal surfaces

Workstations & Equipment trolleys

for ergonomic Cleaning, Polishing, Marking

Other accessories and consumables

such as carbon electrodes, cleaning handles, felts, cables & plugs
you will find in our general catalogue from page 17 on.