Electrolytes for Cleaning & Polishing

With Reuter electrolytes you clean and polish super fast in one step. Afterwards the surface is protected against corrosion – immediately.

Not least, the high processing speed is due to the formula: we use only best-quality natural mineral acid. In contrast to many other manufacturers, we do not use cheap additives (such as surfactants, stabilizers, citric or sulfuric acids). And that‘s why our electrolytes are guaranteed non-toxic: the mineral acid used is approved as food additive E338 – for example for cola drinks.

We deliver our electrolytes in bottles and canisters with UN hazardous goods approval – super-tight , indestructible, in fashionable Reuter orange.


The electrolyte for cleaning and passivating TIG welding seams with light to normal tarnish. Especially suitable for matt and grinded surfaces.

EP-04-130 | 1 liter bottle
EP-04-041 | 5 liter canister
EP-04-140 | 25 liter canister


The electrolyte for cleaning and passivating TIG and MIG welding seams with normal to strong tarnishing. Especially suitable for shiny, brushed and polished surfaces.

EP-04-131 | 1 liter bottle
EP-04-042 | 5 liter canister
EP-04-141 | 25 liter canister


The electrolyte for cleaning, polishing and passivating TIG, MIG and MAG welding seams with normal to very strong tarnishing. Especially suitable for shiny and polished surfaces. Also very suitable for quick cleaning. Switch to AC (alternating voltage) when cleaning, polishing only with DC (direct voltage).

EP-04-132 | 1 liter bottle
EP-04-043 | 5 liter canister
EP-04-142 | 25 liter canister

We ship 1l bottles in boxes of 8, 5l canisters in boxes of 4 and 25l canisters in full layers of 12 on Euro pallets. Cartons can be shipped as „Limited Quantity“ (LQ) with UPS; this is permitted by the hazardous goods regulation up to 30 kg gross and under 5 litres in individual containers. 25l canisters must always be registered as dangerous goods, marked accordingly and shipped with a forwarding agent.