Long-term marking templates

Long-term templates can be used up to 5000 times. Due to the high resolution of 2400 dpi, even small 4-point fonts can be marked on the work piece. A plastic frame is available as an option, to give the film more stability and facilitate alignment on the work piece. The maximum template size is 80x50 cm (4.000cm²).

Price calculation

To create a long-term template, we charge an order fee of  15.00 (reproduction / photosetting costs and proofs – not charged for reorder). In addition, a price per cm2 will be charged according to the template size (see table). When calculating the size of the template, please note that your subject requires a margin of 2 cm on each side – for aligning and fixing on your work piece.

Example: long-term template with plastic frame

Template with plastic frame

Item No.Template size€ / cm²
EP-05-003up to 100 cm²0,50
EP-05-004101 to 200 cm²0,45
EP-05-005201 to 500 cm²0,35
EP-05-006501 to 4.000 cm²*

Template without plastic frame

Item No.Template size€ / cm²
EP-05-007up to 100 cm²0,40
EP-05-008101 to 200 cm²0,35
EP-05-009201 to 500 cm²0,30
EP-05-010501 to 4.000 cm²*

* For templates over 500 cm² we recommend: for curved surfaces, unframed templates, for flat surfaces, an aluminium frame.
We are happy to calculate this for you on request.