Surface finishing treatment

Cleaning agent for pre- and post-treatment

The Pre&Post Clean is a light-weight, non-flammable cleaner that does not require labelling. It is suitable for degreasing BEFORE welding; AFTER weld cleaning, it cleans and neutralises the surface and prevents the formation of white spots.

EP-04-912  |  Pre & Post Clean 500ml


Our StainlessCare is the perfect stainless steel cleaner for treatment AFTER electrochemical cleaning. The light cleaning effect does not
attack the fresh passivation, produces an even light shine, has an antistatic effect and protects against fingerprints.

EP-04-950  |  Stainless Care spray 400ml


Special agent for correction

White stains after electrochemical cleaning are avoidable, but if they do occur, our two specialists can help: SFC and AbrasiveCleaner. The SFC chemically causes a slight abrasion, the AbrasiveCleaner works chemically and mechanically. The liquids are applied with a cloth or cleaning pad and then rinsed thoroughly with water.

EP-04-803  |  SFC stainless finishing cleaner 1l

EP-04-908  |  Abrasive Cleaner 100ml