Surface finishing treatment

SFC Cleaner

Have electrolyte residues dried on after cleaning or polishing? Are white streaks, clouding or scaling visible?
With our SFC cleaner, you can easily wipe it off.

Item No.: EP-04-800 | 2kg container

SFC removes grease and cleans stainless steel and other metal surfaces gently and reliably. Used on stainless steel, it renews and reinforces the passive layer at the same time.

FPR care product

Does your stainless steel surface still look rather dull after cleaning, polishing or marking?
Take advantage of our stainless steel care product FPR. It brings out the contrast in your marking and leaves a waxy film as protection against fingerprints.

Item No.: EP-04-901 | 1.5 kg container

for finishing treatment of cleaned steel surfaces (fingerprint remover)

Neutralyt Soft

Do you still have stains on your surface after rinsing? Is your tap water too hard? Use our Neutralyt-Soft!

EP-04-909 | 5 kg canister with integrated 350 ml spray bottle
EP-04-990 | 30 kg in canister

for removing electrolyte residues directly after cleaning