WorkStations from Reuter:

A workplace made to measure

Your workplace
for weld seam cleaning:

  • in the versions M, L, XL
    or as a customised special design
  • with extensive accessories:
    – extraction systems
    – waste water spreading
    – hydrojet gun
    – partial automation

The WorkStations made of acid-resistant materials turn your Cleanox into a fully-fledged workplace. They offer sufficient space for the unit and accessories; a work surface with drain and collection tank for water and electrolytes enables comfortable and speedy working. At the same time, a GRP grid protects your workpieces from damage and prevents unwanted current transmission.

Choose between our M, L and XL pro models – or have your own WorkStation or stationary extraction table configured according to your needs. Together with our extensive range of accessories, you can make your workplace particularly efficient, ergonomic and environmentally friendly.

Special design

Customer order: A mobile version XXXXL
with extraction unit

Hydrojet gun

The hydrojet gun rinses your workpiece after the weld seam cleaning
in a water-saving way with high pressure
and then dries it with com- pressed air. Lightning fast.

Waste water treatment

Reuter offers filter systems in various stages of expansion: for neutralising acidic waste water, for filtering chrome, nickel and iron, for binding phosphates. Optionally, fine filters, mixed-bed resin ion exchangers and activated carbon filters can be connected downstream, enabling drinking water quality to be produced from waste water. However, neutralisation and heavy metal filtration are usually sufficient to meet legal requirements.
We will be happy to analyse your wastewater sample and offer you an individual concept..


Automatic neutralisation

For the first time, Reuter also offers fully automatic neutralisation: The wastewater is continuously analysed and, if necessary, automatically raised to PH value 7.


Air extraction and filtration

The new extraction system achieves 950m3/h – with only 60db whispering noise. The large extraction arm made of acid-resistant PP flex- ibly covers the working area. The exhaust air is led through a large filter mat and two large activated carbon filters; an operating hours counter indicates when a filter change is due.


Rotating device

The entry into automation: The clamped workpiece rotates automatically as soon as the carbon-fibre brush is put on. Meanwhile, the AutoFeed handle regulates the optimal electrolyte supply. For rinsing and drying, the follow-up time is freely adjustable.