Everything from one source:

Accessories for cleaning & polishing

As a system supplier, we provide everything you need for cleaning and polishing – both the equipment and the matching accessories. Buy carbon fibre brushes, electrolytes and other accessories from a single source. That way you can be sure that everything will work properly. Here you will find an overview of our accessories.

All products as well as sales units and recommended prices can be found in our current price list, which you can request from us by mail.

Carbon fibre brushes
for manual use & Autofeed

Carbon fibre brushes from Reuter are characterised by permanent acid resistance, robust durability and highest conductivity. Up to 4.5 million carbon fibres bring more power to the workpiece than any competitive product.

Electrochemical cleaning
for large surfaces

Our surface cleaners with widths from 10 to 35 cm are suitable for cleaning, de-rusting and passivating large stainless steel surfaces such as tanks, silos or facades.

for cleaning & polishing

With the Reuter electrolytes you clean and polish super fast – and you work with non-toxic mineral acid.

Care products
for a shiny result

For the pre- and post-treatment of your stainless steel surfaces, you will find four very efficient agents here.