The Signox series:

Marking for eternity

Nameplates, logos, bar codes,…: Initially, the application of markings with our cleaning devices was just an additional benefit. It has, however, generated huge demand. We have therefore developed the Signox device series – specifically focused on forge-proof and permanent marking on all electrically conductive objects.

AkkuSignox I: Set with battery WLAN printer

Signox II: Set with transformer for 230 V mains

Electrolytic marking is a very cost-effective and economical method. After only 3–4 seconds you obtain high-contrast, permanent marking: corrosion free, seawater, abrasion, acid and sterilisation resistant. It is therefore often used for surgical instruments, tools, sanitary fittings, etc.

The patented AkkuSignox is a network-independent, mobile device; it creates oxidation patterns on the metal surface that result in dark markings – dark brown to deep black.

The Signox II is an AC/DC device and can also provide bright marking; it looks similar to laser engraving, i.e. is a bright marking that is slightly recessed in the work piece surface. Metals without ferrite or plastic can also be labelled, e.g. aluminium, brass or copper.

We have securely packed three complete sets of equipment into one practical case, so that everything you need for marking is always at hand, wherever you are.

AkkuSignox I
Set with mobile device and
battery WLAN printer

Item No.:EP-01-025
Power output:50 VA
Weight (Set):3,5 kg
Dimensions, case:380x300x150mm
Mains voltage:Lithium-Ionen-Akku
Prtection class:IP64

Completely independent

Maximum flexibility without a power socket, USB or network cable: Transfer the logos by wireless link from your smart phone to your printer – the iPrint&Scan software, including smart phone app, makes this possible. Easily create labelling on your keyboard. Simply print the marking templates with 360 dpi on site. The battery of our AkkuSignox manages up to 250 dark markings before it has to be recharged.

AkkuSignox I
Set with mobile device
and battery USB printer

Item No.:EP-01-026
Power output:50 VA
Weight (Set):3,0 kg
Dimensions, case:380x300x150mm
Mains voltage:Battery
Protection class:  IP64

The mobile marker

Design markings on site and apply them directly: This battery-powered printer can also communicate with a PC via a USB interface and create and print labels right away with the P-touch editor and printer keyboard. The AkkuSignox will then transfer your design up to 250 times onto work pieces. We pack and deliver all you need safely in one case.

Signox II
Set with transformer-powered
device for 230 V network

Item No.:EP-01-024
Power output:120 VA
Weight (Set):5kg kg
Dimensions, case:300x400x320mm
Mains voltage:230V/50Hz/1A
Secondary voltage:12V AC/DC
Protection class:IP23

The heavyweight

This workshop device is intended for bright and dark marking: The Signox II is connected to the mains and is provided without a printer – but sports a powerful transformer and a large rectifier with considerably higher output. It facilitates the use of large templates with up to 2,400 dpi as well as fast and powerful marking of large areas. The Signox II can handle dark marking as well as bright marking – which looks stylish, similar to laser engraving.