The Signox series

Marking for eternity

Type plates, logos, bar codes: the Signox device series is specialised on forge-proof marking on all electrically conductive surfaces. Electrolytic marking is a very cost-effective and economical method. After only 3–4 seconds you obtain a high-contrast, permanent signature: corrosion free, abrasion, acid and sterilisation resistant. It is therefore often used for tools, surgical instruments, tools, sanitary fittings or cookware.

The AkkuSignox+ device set

The freedom of the word

Maximum flexibility without a socket, USB and mains cable: our patented Akku- Signox is a mains-independent mobile device; it introduces oxidation into the metal surface to create dark brown to deep black signatures. The battery of our Akku-Signox creates up to 250 dark signatures before you need to recharge.
Our AkkuSignox comes in a case with everything you need to get started right away. We also offer two other bundles: with a Bluetooth- or an USB-printer, you design your signature on the spot on your laptop and simply print out the marking template.

AkkuSignox+ set in a case
Item no.: EP-01-034
AkkuSignox+ set in a case
with Li-Ion Bluetooth printer
Item no.: EP-01-035
AkkuSignox+ set in a case
with battery USB printer
Item no.: EP-01-036

Signox II
The powerhouse

The workshop device for light and dark marking: The Signox II is connected to the mains and comes without a printer – but the powerful transformer and the large rectifier provide considerably more power. This enables the use of larger templates with up to 2,400 dpi as well as fast, powerful marking of larger areas. In addition to dark marking, the Signox II is also capable of light marking – which looks very classy, similar to laser engraving.

Signox II set in a case
Transformer device for 230V mains supply
Item no.: EP-01-024

Application example