WorkStations from Reuter:

A workplace made to measure

Your workplace
for weld seam cleaning:

  • in the versions S, M, L,
    XL pro und XXL pro or as a
    customised special design
  • with extensive accessories:
    – extraction systems
    – neutralization plant
    – waste water spreading
    – hydrojet gun

The WorkStations made of acid-resistant materials turn your Cleanox into a fully-fledged workplace. They offer sufficient space for the unit and accessories; a work surface with a drain and collection tank for water and electrolytes enables productive working. At the same time, a GRP grating protects your workpieces from damage and prevents unwanted power transmission.

Workstation XXL Pro

Choose between our mobile models S, M, L, XL Pro and XXL Pro – or have your own WorkStation or stationary extraction table configured according to your needs.

Together with our extensive range of accessories, you can make your workplace particularly efficient, ergonomic and environmentally friendly.


WorkStation S
Dimensions: 610 x 460 x 950 mm
Item no.: EP-06-241
WorkStation M
Dimensions: 800 x 400 x 1000 mm
Item no.: EP-06-030
WorkStation L
incl. drain and waste water canister
Dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 1000 mm
Item no.: EP-06-020
WorkStation XL Pro
incl. drain, waste water canister,
extraction, control cabinet
Dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 1000 mm
Item no.: EP-06-020
WorkStation XXL Pro
incl. drain, waste water canister,
extraction, control cabinet
Dimensions: 2000 x 1000 x 1000 mm
Item no.: EP-06-035

The extraction table for long-term use

The robust stainless steel construction 
is designed for multi-shift industrial use. Two radial fans deliver an incredible 1,900m3/h extraction capacity at a whisper-quiet 65dB. The side windows can be folded in and the roof electrically retracted – so you can process workpieces of any size. The perforated stainless steel extraction wall can also be folded in. With its large castors, this complete workplace can then be transported safely and easily.

As an option, we can equip the extraction table with an smooth hydraulic height adjustment of up to 40 cm – that‘s balm for your spinal discs.

Extraction table
Dimensions: 1800x1100x700
Item no.: EP-06-055
Extraction table
with height adjustment
Dimensions: 1800x1100x700–1100
Item no.: EP-06-066

Rinse-and-Dry Set including Hydrojet Gun

The Hydrojet Gun
rinses your workpiece after weld seam cleaning in a water-saving way with high pressure and then dries it with compressed air. Lightning fast.

The complete Rinse-and-Dry Set comes with a deionised water filter, compressed air filter, hydrojet gun and a practical holder for
the gun.

Rinse-and-Dry Set
incl. Hydrojet Gun
Item no.: EP-06-070

The water treatment stands completely on its own

Our fully automatic SPS-controlled water treatment plant purifies waste water from electrochemical cleaning in accordance with every legal requirement up to drinking water quality.

After neutralisation of the waste water, a 9-stage filter system reliably filters out sediments, phosphates, heavy metals and salts. The entire system, including diaphragm pump and collection tank, is mounted in a stable frame. It is extremely mobile on four castors.

Wasseraufbereitung StandAlone
Artikel-Nr.: EP-06-330