Carbon fibre brushes:

The quality makes the difference

We ensure the use of high-quality materials and careful processing during production. This is the only way to achieve permanent acid resistance, rugged durability and maximum performance. It is the reason why up to 1.5 million carbon fibres fit the work piece so snugly. We have, for example, made brush holders out of 1.4571 material and bonded them with hydraulic tools developed in-house at 700 bar. The handles and sliding sleeves consist of PTFE (Teflon) – and easily withstand the process temperatures of approx. 200°C. Our brushes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes – for large areas, narrow spaces, for cleaning holes or the insides of pipes.

Price/performance ratio

using the example of the carbon fibre brush XL, compared to that of our competitors

  • Fibre length: 40% more

  • Cross-section: 30% more

  • Total carbon fibre: 70% more

The 70% higher proportion of carbon fibre, together with robust processing,
is responsible for the faster and more effective cleaning. In direct comparison,
Reuter carbon fibre brushes are clearly the price/performance winners!

Carbon fibre brushes: The assortment

Item No.: EP-02-912

XL brushes
60 mm usable length,
approx. 1.5 million fibres

Item No.: EP-02-908

M brushes
60 mm usable length,
approx. 0.8 million fibres

Item No.: EP-02-902

An M6-to-M10 adapter
is required for
M-brush type EP-02-908
and the bottle brush

Item No.: EP-02-903

Extension for brush
handle M10x75mm

Item No.: .: EP-02-901

Teflon sliding sleeve
– without brush – turned from solid PTFE, with M22 clamping nut, 50x20 mm, as replacement for XL brush standard sliding sleeve that is too thin for the increased thermal stress during continuous operation

Item No.: EP-02-901-F

Teflon sliding sleeve
– without brush –
flat shaped mouth

Item No.: EP-02-901-K

Teflon sliding sleeve
– without brush –
conical shaped mouth

Item No.: EP-02-904

Winkelstück 40°
M10 für Pinsel / Griff

Item No.: EP-02-915

Carbon bottle brush
Type DN10-50
requires adapter EP-02-902

Item No.: EP-02-917

Carbon bottle brush
Type DN8-20
requires adapter EP-02-902

Item No.: EP-02-909

4-fold brush
incl. 4 units M-brush,

Item No.: EP-02-905

2-fold brush
incl. 2 units M-brush,

Item No.: EP-02-019 / 020

Extension for brushes
EP-02-019: M10, 500 mm long
EP-02-020: M10, 1000 mm long

Item No.: EP-07-102

Safety brush holder
made from VA sheet metal
for wide-mouth container 500 ml with glue clamp black/green