Carbon fibre brushes
for manual use & Autofeed

Carbon fibre brushes from Reuter are characterised by permanent acid resistance, robust durability and highest conductivity. The brush bodies are made of high-alloy stainless steel – oxidised threads and contact problems are a thing of the past. Handles and sleeves made of Teflon easily withstand process-related temperatures above 200° C.
The carbon fibre brushes we have developed are manufactured on tools we have designed ourselves. Only the best quality carbon fibres from leading manufacturers are used.

The right brush for every application

The Performance Brush
for manual use

1 million, 1,5 or up to 4,5 million carbon fibres with 60 mm working length bring more power to the workpiece than any competitor‘s product. With the solid, CNC- turned Teflon sleeve, you set the required brush length quickly and precisely by simply turning it. The thread adapter also fits any old handle. At the same time, it prevents the thread between the brush and the handle from oxidising – if the thread does become scorched, all you have to do is replace the inexpensive adapter.
We deliver our Performance Starter Sets including adapter, Teflon sleeve and 5 brushes in the respective size. Assembly pin and spanner for quick assembly are also included.

Performance Starter Set L
Item no.: EP-02-937
Performance Starter Set XL
Item no.: EP-02-927
Performance Starter Set XXL
Item no.: EP-02-947
Performance Starter Set MIX
Item no.: EP-02-931

The Performance Brush
for the AutoFeed

Since 2020, AutoFeed, the first fully automatic electrolyte feed, has revolutionised the process. The perfect amount of electrolyte always flows directly into the size L, XL or XXL brushes via the ergonomically shaped AutoFeed handle – so here, optionally 1 million, 1.5 or even 2 million carbon fibres bring full power to the workpiece.

Performance AutoFeed brush L
Item no.: EP-02-962
Performance AutoFeed brush XL
5er Set | Item no.: EP-02-963
Performance AutoFeed brush XXL
5er Set | Item no.: EP-02-964

Brand new is the TripleBrush:
The electrolyte fluid is simultaneously fed onto the workpiece via three brushes. Three times 1.5 million carbon fibres – you can polish 125cm2 to a high shine in just 60 seconds! But be careful: the TripleBrush needs a lot of power and can only be operated with the SuperCleanoxVI HD or the new HybridCleanox.

AutoFeed TripleBrush
Item-no.: EP-07-960

 Performance Starter Set XL

 The new TripleBrush
for AutoFeed