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Accessories for marking

We supply everything you need for marking: devices, templates, electrolytes and accessories. So you can be sure that everything will work perfectly.
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Marking electrolytes
for (almost) every metal

Reuter carries a variety of electrolytes for light and dark marking of different materials: stainless steel, rust-sensitive steels, tool and carbon steels, aluminium, gold, brass and bronze, copper and zinc, titanium, chromium-plated and nickel-plated surfaces. All electrolytes are available in bottles of 100 ml, 500 ml, 1 l and 5 l.

Various marking electrolytes
Item no.: EP-04-004 ff

The marking set
for your Cleanox

The marking set turns your Cleanox into a fully-fledged marking station. It is already included in the SuperCleanox set. With it you have everything you need for marking: a marking handle and a marking electrode, connection cable, electrolytes, felts and O-rings. We have also included a sample template for you to try out.

Marking set
Item no.: EP-02-050

Long-term templates
for logos and type designations

Our long-term templates can be used up to 10.000 times. Due to the high resolution of 2.400 dpi even very small fonts up to 4 points can be signed on the workpiece. An optional plastic frame gives the template more stability and makes it easier to align on the workpiece. The maximum template size is 80x50cm (4.000cm2).

Long term template, framed
Item no.: EP-05-003 ff
Long-term template, unframed
Item no.: EP-05-007 ff

Label printer
for disposable templates

With the help of a labelling device, you create disposable templates for your signature yourself – the ideal solution for marking your products with individual product numbers. On the display printers, you can create lettering and numbers on the spot and print them out directly. By connecting to the PC, you can incorporate logos, frames or barcodes into the label layout. Reuter sells Brother labelling devices and accessories for different applications.

Various label printers
Item no.: EP-05-208 ff

Further accessories & consumables

such as marking handles, carbon electrodes, felts, cables & sockets as well as all products, sales units and recommended prices can be found in our current price list,
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