The AkkuCleanox:

Fully portable power for ≥ 90 min.

The first
weld cleaner
in the world

High up on a wind turbine, right in the middle of a stainless steel silo, somewhere up on the scaffolding: what do you do when your extension cable just isn’t long enough?
With the AkkuCleanox you can go anywhere. Weighing just 7 kg, it is one of the lightest devices on the market – and is extremely powerful, with up to 100 A continuous current.
In standard mode, the batteries last for up to two hours.

Combine the AkkuCleanox and charge booster
into one unit with the Quickbelt –
and use it as a portable unit while connected to the mains.

This is made possible by combining the latest battery innovations with high-performance inverter technology. Packed into an ultra-lightweight carbon sandwich housing, featuring a large colour screen and user-friendly menu controls – it’s the perfect device for outdoor, offshore and offline.

Our charge booster recharges empty batteries to 95% in just 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can also use it for mains operation: coupled with the charge booster, the AkkuCleanox runs at 100% indefinitely without draining the battery. This lets you use the portable device in the workshop without any restrictions.

Item No.: EP-01-050
Power output: 1.250 VA
Weight (Set): 7,0 kg
Dimensions: 250x150x300mm
Battery: 16V LiFePo, 320Wh
Efficiency: 95%
Battery life: min. 1hour
Housing: Hybrid carbon fibre aluminium PP material

Charger supplied:

Mains voltage: 115–240V/50Hz, 3A
Secondary voltage: 6-12V AC/DC
Charging time: 8 hours
Protection class: IP23

Charge booster

Item No.: EP-01-151
Power output: 600 VA
Weight (Set): 2,5 kg
Dimensions: 325x180x75mm
Mains voltage: 100-240V, 7 A 50/60Hz
Protection class: IP67

The charge booster recharges the battery in just 30 minutes.
Alternatively, it assists the battery and transforms the AkkuCleanox
into a stationary workshop unit. Buy the charge booster separately
or together with the AkkuCleanox in a great value kit.