The AkkuCleanox

Freedom for weld seam cleaning

The first battery-operated
weld cleaning device worldwide

High up on the wind turbine, in the middle of the stainless steel silo, somewhere on the scaffolding:
What to do when no extension cable is long enough? With the AkkuCleanox you can get anywhere. Weighing just 8.5 kg, it is one of the lightest devices on the market – and extremely powerful with up to 100 A continuous current. The operating time of the battery in standard mode is up to two hours.

Our AkkuCleanox devices are sold as complete kits, giving you everything you need to get started straight away.
The picture shows the AkkuCleanox device set including the charging booster.

The outdoor specialist

This is made possible by innovative battery technology combined with powerful inverter technology. We have packed the whole thing in in an ultra-light carbon sandwich casing and equipped it with a large colour display and a user-friendly interface: The perfect device for outdoors, offshore and offline.

With the charger supplied, the charging time of the AkkuCleanox is 8 hours. This can be accelerated considerably with our charging booster: the battery is 95% recharged in just 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can use it for mains operation: coupled with the charging booster, the AkkuCleanox runs at 100% duty cycle for an unlimited time without the battery discharging. This means that your mobile device can also be used in the workshop without any restrictions.

Device set AkkuCleanox
Item no.: EP-01-050
Power output: 1.250 VA
Charging booster
Item no.: EP-07-160
Device set AkkuCleanox
including charging booster
Item no.: EP-01-050-B