The HybridCleanox family

Two hearts beat in his chest

Battery and inverter technology
under one bonnet

One + One = Three. The new HybridCleanox combines compact inverter technology with powerful lithium-ion batteries. This new, patent-pending technology enables the construction of very light, compact units with the power of a transformer unit that weighs 6 times as much.
The inverter supplies the base load and charges the batteries at the same time. When the energy demand is very high, the inverter and the batteries together deliver currents of 150 A – overloading the inverter or the power grid is impossible. And as a bonus, the batteries also provide the juice for up to 15 minutes of mains-independent work.

Our HybridCleanox devices are sold as complete kits, giving you everything you need to get started straight away.
The picture shows the HybridCleanox 5.0 device set.

HybridCleanox 3.0
The power dwarf

The most powerful cleaning device in the compact class: the HybridCleanox 3.0 brings the concentrated power of a SuperCleanox in a device weighing only 5.5 kg. Three soft-touch keys make cleaning, polishing and marking child‘s play. The smooth setting of all parameters is shown on a large colour display. With guaranteed 100 A power, the lightweight is the ideal construction site tool, especially as you can work self-sufficiently for up to 15 minutes without mains power, cables or plugs.
The device comes as complete kit to- gether with the new ergonomic cleaning handle and XL performance brush as well as all other accessories you need for your work.

Device set HybridCleanox 3.0
Item no.: EP-00-013
Power output: 1.400 VA

HybridCleanox 5.0
The prodigy

The HybridCleanox 5.0 is our new high-end device. It combines all the strengths of Cleanox, SuperCleanox and AkkuCleanox – and also has a fully automatic electrolyte supply that significantly increases your productivity. Two built-in inverters together with the lithium-ion batteries deliver an incredible continuous output of 1,800 watts and 150 A with an efficiency of 98%. At the same time, the batteries allow 15 minutes of work without mains power. Furthermore, our prodigy can be equipped with a robot interface.
The device set includes the AutoFeed handle with XL AutoFeed performance brush as well as all other accessories.

Device set HybridCleanox 5.0
Item no.: EP-00-015
Power output: 1.800 VA

The rear of the HybridCleanox 5.0
with holder for electrolyte reservoir,
servo pump and level sensor.