Devices for weld seam cleaning

For efficient weld seam cleaning with the carbon fibre brush, you need a very high energy density. The cleaning devices from Reuter deliver amazingly high continuous power to the carbon fibre brush. Find the right device for your needs here – whether for workshop or for assembly, for mobile or for tough industrial use.

Power for the industry

The devices of the SuperCleanox family have proven themselves for years with renowned customers in multi-shift operation. Performance and reliability are paramount.

New! HybridCleanox
Battery and inverter technology under one bonnet

HybridCleanox combines compact inverter technology with powerful lithium-ion batteries. This patented technology enables the construction of very light, compact devices with the power of a transformer unit that weighs 6 times as much.

Flexibility for workshop & assembly

Compact & light, powerful & robust: The Cleanox family is designed for metal workers who want to use their cleaning equipment flexibly – whether in the workshop or on the road during assembly.

The outdoor specialist

High up on the wind turbine, in the middle of the stainless steel silo, somewhere on the scaffolding: With the AkkuCleanox you can get anywhere.

The first fully automatic electrolyte supply system


The AutoFeed system transports the optimal amount of cleaning electrolyte directly into the carbon fibre brush. This speeds up the work immensely!