The SuperCleanox family:

Power for the industry

The highest
performance level
on the market.
With pulse current
up to 400A!

The SuperCleanox range has been designed for heavy-duty industrial use and has proven itself after years of use in multi-shift operation by reputable customers.
Capability and reliability were the top priorities during the development phase.
The devices are designed for a 100% duty cycle; they reach peak currents of up to 400 A during cleaning and polishing – the highest performance level on the market.

Our SuperCleanox devices are sold as complete kits;
giving you everything you need to get started straight away.
The illustration shows everything included with the SuperCleanox VI.

Devices by competitors only reach a maximum of 60 A and are then switched off or throttled. The SuperCleanox series achieves a significantly higher output, facilitating faster and interruption-free work. An additional benefit: The cable length to the work piece can be drastically increased, which is particularly advantageous on building sites.

The SuperCleanox series are AC/DC devices – in other words, they take both alternating and direct current to clean, polish and create both light and dark marking patterns.

SuperCleanox VI HD:
Heavy duty!

Item No.:EP-01-017HD
Power output:3.450 VA
Weight (Set):32 kg
Mains voltage:230V/50Hz/16A
Secondary voltage:6–21V AC/DC
Protection class:IP23

At 3,450 VA, this is currently the most powerful welding seam cleaning device in the world. Three power levels cover all requirements: from gentle cleaning of thin, TIG-welded metal sheets to polishing strongly tarnished or scaled MAG welding seams. The power electronics were adapted to provide the high output. Thermal fuses only switch off above 140 A permanent current (100% duty cycle) or 400 A pulse current. Brush and mass cables with a cross-section of 16 mm² provide power to the work piece without electrical and thermal losses and without interruption during permanent operation, using cables with a length up to 100 m.

SuperCleanox VI:
The pioneer

Item No.:EP-01-017
Power output:2.500 VA
Weight (Set):28 kg
Mains voltage:230V/50Hz/10A
Secondary voltage:9–32V AC/DC
Protection class:IP23

The SuperCleanox VI has set the standards in the market for a long time: its output of 2,500 VA provides 80 A continuous current (100 % duty cycle) or 200 A pulse current to the work piece. Three power levels each for cleaning and polishing solve almost any cleaning task: all welding seams, from TIG-welded thin metal sheets to MAG-welded beams, can be cleaned and polished in heavy-duty industrial applications. You can continue to use cleaning and polishing handles with rigid carbon electrodes and felts – but you can also work at top efficiency with a large-surface cleaner or a 4-fold brush.

SuperCleanox IV+:
Enter the professional league

Item No.:EP-01-021
Power output:1.500 VA
Weight (Set):25 kg
Mains voltage:230V/50Hz/8A
Secondary voltage:9–18V AC/DC
Protection class:IP23

The SuperCleanox IV+ has been designed for heavy-duty, long-term use in 3-shift industrial applications. An output power of 1,500 VA facilitates cleaning and polishing at two power levels and provides up to 80 A continuous current (100% duty cycle) or 140 A pulse current. This output power is completely sufficient for most cleaning tasks. However, the 4-fold brush and large surface cleaner can only be used to a limited extent and the use of rigid carbon electrodes is also restricted. Like all SuperCleanox devices, the IV+ is also suitable for marking.