The new Cleanox family:

Even more flexibility for
workshop & assembly

  • 25% % more power
  • 50% less weight
  • now also 
    with fully
    electrolyte supply

The Cleanox family is designed for metal workers who want to use their cleaning equipment flexibly – whether in the workshop or on the road during assembly. Plastic and aluminium make the three devices surprisingly light and extremely robust. At the same time, they are among the most powerful on the market: 80 A continuous current at 100 % duty cycle, plus pulse currents of over 200 A – stunning values, that make our competitors nervous.

Cleanox 1.0: The lightweight

with L-Performance brush
for cleaning and dark marking

Cleanox 3.0: the workhorse

with XL Performance Brush
for cleaning, polishing, light & dark marking

Our Cleanox units are sold as a unit set;
so you have everything you need to get started straight away.
The picture shows the Cleanox 3.0 scope of delivery.

Cleanox 5.0: the automat

with automated electrolyte supply
for cleaning, polishing, light & dark marking


The first fully automatic electrolyte supply –
now also in the Cleanox 5.0!

Just clean. The electrolyte flows all by itself. Similar to the wire feed control in MSG welders, a microprocessor calculates the optimum amount of electrolyte, which is then fed directly into the carbon fibre brush by a servo pump. As soon as the brush is lifted off the workpiece, the electrolyte supply stops – all fully automatically!

The rear of the Cleanox 5.0
with holder for electrolyte reservoir,
servo pump and level sensor.

Cleanox 1.0:
the lightweight

Item no.:EP-01-011
Power output:1,000 VA
Weight set:10,8 kg
Weight device:5,7 kg
Dimensions device:250x150x260mm
Mains voltage:230V/50Hz/6A
Secondary voltage:9,5V AC
Protection class:IP43

Cleanox 3.0:
the workhorse

Item no.:EP-01-013
Power output:1.250 VA
Weight set:11,8 kg
Weight device:7,4 kg
Dimensions device:250x150x300mm
Mains voltage:230V/50Hz/6A
Secondary voltage:9,5/12,5V AC/DC
Protection class:IP21

Cleanox 5.0:
the automat

Item no.:EP-01-015
Power output:1.250 VA
Weight set:19 kg
Weight device:8,7 kg
Dimensions device:250x150x500mm
Mains voltage:230V/50Hz/6A
Secondary voltage:9,5/12,5V AC/DC
Protection class:IP21