The new AutoFeed

Finally: The first automatic
electrolyte supply system

Significantly faster working

Reduced fluid consumption

Compatible with any
cleaning device on the market

Clean it. The electrolyte flows all by itself

Similar to the wire feed control in MSG welding machines, a microprocessor calculates the optimum amount of electrolyte, which is then fed directly into the carbon fibre brush by a servo pump. As soon as the brush is lifted off the workpiece, the electrolyte supply stops; with a back pump that prevents dripping – all fully automatic!

The complete AutoFeed
inside the compact MagicBox

All of our technology for the AutoFeed system is completely protected in the compact MagicBox. This is simply connected to any weld cleaning device – which then also takes over the power supply (a wide- range power supply unit makes it possible). A voltage sensor measures the cleaning energy – and the servo pump doses exactly the right amount of electrolyte, which is then delivered via the hose system and AutoFeed handle directly into the carbon fibre brush.

Even a 5l canister with the electrolyte liquid can be stored in the MagicBox (signal transmitter for empty supply included). Of course, all components are acid-proof; due to the use of mild REUTER electrolytes, hoses and AutoFeed handle do not have to be cleaned after use.

And the special highlight: The MagicBox is compatible with any welding seam cleaning device on the market!