for cleaning & polishing

With the Reuter electrolytes you clean and polish super fast in one step.
The surface is then protected against corrosion. Immediately.

Chemical production at Reuter

The high processing speed is not least due to the formula: We use only high-quality natural mineral acid – and do not use stabilisers, sulphuric acid or tensides. Our mineral acid is guaranteed non-toxic and, among other things, approved as food additive E338 – for cola drinks, for example. We produce all electrolytes ourselves and fill them ourselves in modern auto- mated filling plants.

The Cleaner is recommended as an electrolyte for cleaning slightly oxidised TIG welds, the SuperCleaner is suitable for heavily tarnished or oxidised welds. And the Polisher is used for polishing stainless steel surfaces, but is also ideal for all cleaning tasks. All Reuter electrolytes come in super-tight bottles and canisters with UN hazardous goods approval: indestructible and in the stylish Reuter orange. You have the choice between the 1-litre bottle, the 5-litre canister or the 25-litre canister.

1 litre – Item no.: EP-04-130
5 litre – Item no.: EP-04-041
25 litre – Item no.: EP-04-140
1 litre – Item no.: EP-04-132
5 litre – Item no.: EP-04-042
25 litre – Item no.: EP-04-141
1 litre – Item no.: EP-04-132
5 litre – Item no.: EP-04-043
25 litre – Item no.: EP-04-142